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Build Your Own PC In Minutes

While building your own PC offers numerous advantages, it's essential to note that it requires some technical knowledge and the willingness to research and troubleshoot. However, for many enthusiasts and those seeking a tailored computing experience, the benefits outweigh the challenges.
Ready To Run Gaming System
Ready-to-run gaming computers offer convenience and high-performance gaming experiences, making them a suitable choice for those who want a hassle-free gaming setup.
Beyond Performance
The choice between a pre-built gaming PC and a custom build ultimately depends on your budget, technical expertise, and specific gaming requirements.
Game For The Win
With the right components and attention to detail, you can create a gaming PC that delivers exceptional performance and allows you to enjoy your favorite games at their best.

Logistics Analyst

Duties: Maintain databases of logistics information. Interpret data on logistics elements, such as availability, maintainability, reliability, supply chain management, strategic sourcing or distribution, supplier management, or transportation. Provide ongoing analysis in areas such as transportation costs, parts procurement, back orders, or delivery processes. Prepare reports on logistics performance measures. Confer with management to determine ways to optimize service levels, maintain supply-chain efficiency, or minimize cost. Recommend improvements to existing or planned logistics processes. Develop or maintain models for logistics uses, such as cost estimating or demand forecasting. Review procedures, such as distribution or inventory management, to ensure maximum efficiency or minimum cost. Apply analytic methods or tools to understand, predict, or control logistics operations or processes. Analyze logistics data, using methods such as data mining, data modeling, or cost or benefit analysis. Write or revise standard operating procedures for logistics processes. Develop or maintain freight rate databases to determine the most economical modes of transportation. Manage systems to ensure that pricing structures adequately reflect logistics costing. Reorganize shipping schedules to consolidate loads, and maximize space usage.

Requirements: 2 years of experience in the position.

Job Location: Miami, FL.

Contact: Ernesto Queiroz at eq@sacsul.com

Hard drive test and setup
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What Our Clients Say

Highly recommend!

I can’t express how thrilled I am with the gaming PC I purchased from SAC Electronics. As an avid gamer, I needed a system that could handle the latest titles at max settings, and SAC Electronics delivered!

John William

Manager at Trex

We are proud to have them as a valued partner in our success.

As a leading computer hardware distributor, we’ve been sourcing components from SAC Electronics for several years now, and the partnership has been nothing short of exceptional. SAC Electronics consistently delivers high-quality computer parts, and their commitment to excellence is evident in every shipment.

Samanta NILA

Purchaser at PC Wholesale Argentina


About SAC

Since 1998, SAC Electronics has been at the forefront of the electronics industry, fostering robust commerce between the United States and Central and South America. With a rich legacy of over two decades, SAC Electronics has become a trusted name in the field of computer components, mobile devices, and general electronics.


Meet Our Team

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

It is with great pride that I lead a company that has been at the forefront of the electronics industry for over two decades. Our journey has been one of continuous growth and innovation, and I want to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support.

At SAC Electronics, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality computer components, mobile devices, and electronics, all while fostering strong commerce between the United States and Central and South Americas.

Warm regards,

Rogerio Lima / CEO

Rogerio Lima, our esteemed CEO, brings a wealth of experience and visionary leadership to SAC Electronics. With a background in both technology and business, Rogerio has been instrumental in driving our company's growth and innovation. His strategic insight and commitment to excellence have propelled SAC Electronics to new heights, allowing us to consistently meet the evolving demands of the electronics industry. Under Rogerio's guidance, we continue to thrive as a trusted provider of high-quality computer components and electronics, making our mark as a leader in the field.

Edward Baptista / Procurement

Edward Baptista, with an impressive two decades of procurement expertise, is an invaluable asset to our team at SAC Electronics. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication have played a pivotal role in our ability to secure top-notch components and maintain a robust supply chain. Edward's keen negotiation skills, attention to detail, and deep industry knowledge have not only helped us consistently source high-quality products but have also contributed to our overall operational efficiency. His commitment to excellence continues to be a driving force behind our success in delivering top-tier electronics to our valued customers.

Waldyney Tait/ Logistics

Waldyney Tait, our dedicated logistics expert, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless movement of products around the globe for SAC Electronics. With a profound understanding of supply chain management and an unwavering commitment to efficiency, Waldyney orchestrates the intricate dance of shipping, warehousing, and distribution that keeps our operations running smoothly. His keen attention to detail and global logistics expertise have enabled SAC Electronics to maintain a reputation for reliability and timely deliveries, essential in the fast-paced world of electronics. Waldyney's tireless dedication to optimizing our logistics network ensures that our clients receive their orders promptly, reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction worldwide.

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